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DIGITIZATION is a buzz word that means everything. Don't be confused! What we primarily do is that we digitize textiles to extract their inherent characteristics (we don't do beautiful images, nor we build haptic devices). Then we use that data to teach AI to achieve desired results, for example, to classify fabrics by quality.


This process is scalable and can be used for different purposes. Even though we are focused on a particular application such as Fabric Scout, we continuously improve our sensor and algorithms to make sure that data that we generate is serviceable for future applications. 

We are a startup, and our R&D resources are limited. We are open to collaborate with other stakeholders in the industry, whether it's a public organization or a private company. Let's co-develop breakthrough digital services because collaboration is the fastest way to fix fashion.


The fashion industry has a complex organizational structure. Different stakeholders have different levels of digitization. We offer a solution for textile digitization that is simple and doesn't require massive integration. Circulating this data in the industry will allow everyone to build their own services.

We want to make sure that we can provide future fashion with complete information on textiles and build a system where we seamlessly share this data. Join our conversation and R&D activities. 

Together towards transparency, better services, and effortless supply chain. 

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