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How to shift towards
diverse, quality, and sustainable fashion
FAST, with fewer efforts and MAXIMUM efficiency?
Textile sourcing is the most inefficient process in the supply chain, which pushes brands to sacrifice product diversity, causes troubles with quality standardization and control, and creates barriers for sustainable product developments.
With our solution we tackle the most serious barriers that cause textile sourcing inefficiency:
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Complex Supply Chain
Fashion has a jungle-like globalized supply network, where "a supplier of a supplier" is the most convenient way to survive
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The Screen is not really Screening
Without great navigation and human assistance, textile digital sourcing among same-looking fabrics is a frustrating and costly experience
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The Hand Evaluation
Fabrics are literally passed from hands to hands throughout the supply to evaluate the textiles' suitability for the success of the final products
Our solution is radically simple: based on smart textile digitization, we connect textile databases no matter whether it is a marketplace, digital catalogs, "a supplier of a supplier", or archives not available online.
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Sourcing Today:
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Our solution:
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Imagine that textile sources and suppliers are closed boxes, then our solution navigates the ocean-like offer in one click without a need to open them at all. It suggests the most suitable suppliers and concrete samples to ask for, saving time for both suppliers and designers.
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next sensor
In nutshell, our tech is the sensor that reads textiles in a special way, AI processing behind to identify textiles' touch&feel, and a front-end application called Fabric Scout, where our innovative UX makes everyone so happy!
Fabric Scout is a web-based aggregator that connects all the databases with previously scanned textiles.
Currently, we are developing a new improved version of the sensor, that can scan 200 textiles per day. The commercial version of the system and sensors will be available to the public at the end of 2021.
Fabric Scout
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Today, we are working only with a network of trusted suppliers and fashion brands due to the IP protection policy. If you would like to know more or participate in the ongoing pilot version, do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to share more information and maybe consider your participation in building a new supply chain system.
With digital services available today, any fashion brand can be easily exposed to more than 100,000 textiles. But is it relevant to have access to so many options?
Where is the balance between diverse products and boring collections using the same materials?
How to implement and monitor quality standardization at scale
for the industry with a complex supply chain? 
Is it possible to simply substitute any fabric in one click
for a more sustainable option?
Can we create a solution that no matter of the country, generation, and investment capacities in digitalization can communicate
in the universal touch & feel language? 
all of these questions shape our SIMPLE solution
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