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Connecting textile data to the back-end of fashion to reduce unwanted and create longlasting

AI-based textile digitization that goes beyond the visual attributes of textiles

efficient search

First ever textile search engine that finds textiles by their Touch&Feel, Thermoregulation properties, Perception of Thickness and Drape-ability

great optimization

Connect your partners to the textile digitization system to communicate rapidly, enhance quality control and keep company standards at their highest levels

design success

Synchronize products sold with their textile data through cross-data analysis and gather customer insights to produce collections that consumers love. The difference is in details!
Manual selection of the materials and human-based assumptions without a record of objective data are causing huge inefficiencies and waste in the industry. 
Today we are completely blind when it comes down to textile records because sensing textiles is easy for people but hard for computers.

we changed that

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The digitization process is done by a sensor developed in-house. Our technology is undergoing a patent application, and to protect our "know-how" we disclose the minimum information that is required to understand the basic principles of the solution.


Textile digitization takes a few seconds and a sensor sends all data to the cloud to process it with our special AI algorithms to create a textile digital fingerprint
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As soon as textile fingerprints are created they can be manipulated in FabrikHUB or in any other software by integrating our search engine with different filter options
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Textile Digital Fingerprints can be crossed with other data from external departments such as marketing or e-commerce to find insights and make better personalization based on textile qualities
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Senstile is supported by several organizations and institutions. We are extremely thankful for each person who supports and helps Senstile to be at the forefront of innovation and expand of what is possible today!
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Atelier by ISEM Award 2022
"The most innovative fashion tech startup", selected by the leading fashion companies:
· Mango
· Stradivarius
· Adolfo Domingues
· Mayoral
· El Ganso
· T2T (manufacturing)
· Camper
· Tendam
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