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AI and Textiles:

A Touching Collaboration

Unlock the full potential with our unparalleled digitization approach where we merge the tactile essence with deep data insights. 

We're applying AI to invisible textile data to significantly transform your business and impact every step across the value chain, setting up new dimensions of speed, style, and sustainability.

Consult our AI to efficiently Design, Develop, Source, and Supply high-quality and sustainable fashion.

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AI Tailored to Your Touch, Style, and Essence - the best digital companion 


What is behind?

Our sensor, AI, and flexible software ecosystem seamlessly convert textile samples into digital innovation.

Our advanced sensor technology begins with capturing a comprehensive dataset over a 20x20 cm fabric sample. This data is then transformed by our AI, operating in the cloud, into more than 100,000+ unique features, creating a detailed digital identity of the textile with its physical properties

But we didn't stop there.

We encase our technology in a conversational interface, crafting a customized and personalized assistant ready to engage with all your fashion and textile queries. This intelligent dialogue becomes your gateway to a vast digital textile universe, offering nuanced search capabilities, precise comparisons, sophisticated classification, and detailed quality ratings.


Our advanced chat, acts as a hub where searching extensive digital textile databases and accessing textile knowledge, current trend analysis, and sustainability expertise happens in a single, intuitive conversation. 

Why AI for textiles?

Data-driven design & optimization


Textiles are not just materials; they are important data streams that encode your brand's DNA. Harnessing this data with AI ensures that every design decision is informed, inspired, and harmoniously aligned with the latest trends and sustainability standards.

When we turn textiles into digital form, we capture a lot of details about them like how they feel to the touch, how they drape, their color, and even what chemicals they contain. The integration of large language models enables us to communicate about textiles through chat. Additionally, this data can be seamlessly integrated into other software systems via API connections, enhancing accessibility and efficiency. Below, we showcase specific examples for various value chain stakeholders, highlighting our platform's versatility. Built on uniform principles, it seamlessly serves diverse purposes across the value chain, showcasing its adaptability and scope.

Fashion Brands

AI-powered Supplier Collaboration

AI-Optimized Material Management & Assistance for your entire collection across numerous suppliers and manufacturers on a single screen.

Add extra speed in choosing and substituting materials with AI precision, ensuring you and your suppliers always use the best-suited fabrics for your brand.

Enable suppliers to consult our AI chat adjusted for your brand, allowing suppliers to contribute without direct access to your database or interrupting your team.

Maintain the superior quality of your products consistently. Our system swiftly identifies quality-comparable material substitutes, ensuring no compromise on excellence.

Why us?

We're AI experts and innovators committed to guiding the textile and fashion industries through the complexities of AI. Our mission is to leverage technology to unlock unparalleled creative freedom, sustainability, and continued success through cost-effective and optimized approach, transforming seemingly magical possibilities into solid, practical solutions for the industry.

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