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Announcements for Investors

This space serves as a central repository for all shareholders and interested parties to access important information regarding the governance and strategic decision-making of our company. Here, you will find notices of upcoming General Meetings, detailed agendas, procedural guidelines, and records of past meetings. Our aim is to ensure transparency, facilitate shareholder participation, and provide a comprehensive overview of the deliberations and resolutions that shape the future of SENSTILE, S.L. We encourage all shareholders to visit this page regularly to stay informed about key developments and opportunities to contribute to the stewardship of our company.


Announcement of the Extraordinary General Meeting of the Company SENSTILE, S.L., which will be held in accordance with articles 4 bis, 13, and 14 of the corporate bylaws, on December 21, 2023, at 18:00 hours, via the Google Meet platform, for the deliberation and, where appropriate, adoption of resolutions, in relation to the following:


1. State of the project and strategic plan.

2. Proposal for change of the Management Body, moving from the current Board of Directors to two Joint Administrators.

3. Authorization to formalize the resolutions.

4. Requests and questions.

5. Drafting, reading, and, where appropriate, approval of the Minutes of the meeting.

Shareholders may request in writing, prior to the General Meeting or verbally during the same, the reports or clarifications they deem necessary regarding the matters included in the agenda, all in the terms provided in articles 93 and 196 of the Capital Companies Act.

Shareholders who do not personally attend the Meeting may be represented by another person, in the terms provided in article 14 of the corporate bylaws and articles 183 and following of the Capital Companies Act.

Zaragoza, December 5, 2023

Diego Ariza Muñoz

Chairman of the Board of Directors

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